RevuMap training

Using service reviews, benchmarking and business process management to drive organisational efficiencies

Course overview

The impact of the recent Global Financial Crisis has created a catalyst that can’t be stopped and is building momentum. Public sector cuts and private sector rationalisation globally, will necessitate much closer scrutiny on why we are delivering services and to what standards we should be delivering them. The RevuMap course, “Using reviews to drive organisational efficiencies and profitability” has been designed to provide attendees a plan to develop and implement effective review processes to enhance customer service, retain customers and ensure long term sustainability.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Gained an understanding of the importance of embedding a continuous review process within your organisation
  • Developed greater clarity in what is often seen as a complex subject
  • Learnt how to identify, quantify and analyse service efficiency savings
  • Planned how to identify and assess the best mix of services to meet stakeholders’ needs
  • Identified how to maximise stakeholder outcomes through the efficient and effective delivery of services
  • Networked with colleagues as they seek insight on the latest techniques and innovations in service delivery, benchmarking and BPM
  • Learnt from experts in service reviews, benchmarking and BPM
  • Been involved in practical sessions – leaving the training with a documented game plan and templates for use in their organisation
Who should attend?
  • Chief Executives who want to drive cultural change and provide strategic direction
  • Top level executives including CFOs and CIOs
  • Business unit leaders
  • Performance analysts
  • The next generation of organisational leaders
  • Group discovery and discussion
  • Short lecture sessions

½ day training course (minimum 3 people per course)

  • Virtual delivery £145 per person
  • Face-to-face delivery £200 per person


All prices quoted are exclusive of relevant taxes and levies