Benefits Service review is a common tool used by senior executives to create a change within their organisation.  It is increasingly being used to align resources to stakeholder aspirations and priorities. Global financial structural reform creates further need for advanced integrated service review, benchmarking and business process management. RevuMap has been developed specifically to meet these challenges and deliver world leading service review, benchmarking and business process management for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Real bottom line savings by reducing inefficiencies and wastage.

Reduction in time, effort and cost required to undertake service review and benchmarking.

One integrated web repository of stakeholder engagement process mapping, financials and service standards, and implementation which is currently undertaken separately by most organisations.

Rapid results easily implemented and maintained through the web.

Delivery of better quality and value services.

More effective implementation of continuous improvement through ongoing refinement and enhancement.

Planning, monitoring and real time assessment of your performance improvement strategy through assignment of responsibilities linked to action plans and performance standards.

A repository of service processes, procedures and standards that can be utilised across the organisation for a variety of purposes including workforce planning, induction, user guides and training.