Based on a superior conceptual framework, RevuMap provides exceptional functionality to ensure positive user acceptance and experience, internal and external engagement plus ease of action plan and process map development. Reporting becomes easier, quicker and more accurate. RevuMap delivers multiple financial scenarios to allow effective decision making as well as accurate input and output calculations.

COMPREHENSIVE WORKFLOW FUNCTIONALITY to design and implement your service review and benchmarking process.

Extensive stakeholder CONSULTATION AND ENGAGEMENT capabilities.

Participative service planning and ACTION PLAN DEVELOPMENT.

COLLABORATION CAPABILITIESthat enables employees to work together plus progress reporting through email reminders.

Automatic CALCULATION OF RESOURCE AND FINANCIAL SAVINGS linked to "what if" scenarios and procedural changes – NO EXTERNAL SPREADSHEETS!

Creating PROCESS MAPS AUTOMATICALLYNo drag and drop it – RevuMap does it for you!

AUTOMATICALLY CALCULATE INPUT/OUTPUT MEASURES linked to volumes and service standards.


Provide management on line PROGRESS UPDATES AND REPORTS with a push of a button!