Blog - How to construct a process map

Process mapping provides a common framework, discipline and language, allowing a systematic way of working. Complex interactions can be represented in a logical, highly visible and objective way. It defines where issues or "pinch points" exist and provides improvement teams with a common decision making framework.
To construct a process map:
  • Brainstorm all activities that routinely occur within the scope of the process
  • Group the activities into 4-6 key sub-processes
  • Identify the sequence of events and links between the sub-processes
  • Define as a high level process map and sub-process maps using ICOR
Process maps provide a dynamic view of how an organisation can deliver enhanced business value. "What if" scenarios can be quickly developed by comparing maps of the process "As is" with the process "To be".
Source: Tools & Techniques for Process Improvement - Department of Trade & Industry UK